Transport Insurance


Hanseatic Moving Services LLC provides general legal liability on all shipments entrusted to our care in accordance with federal and state regulations. On any containerized shipment (whether by sea, air & land) our legal liability is limited to US $ 0.50 per pound/per item with a maximum liability of US $ 500.00 for the entire shipment. Any shipment hauled on our vehicles carries a maximum liability of US $ 25,000.00 for the entire shipment. On all storage or storage in transit shipments our legal liability is limited to US $ 0.60 per pound/per item with a maximum liability of US $ 2,500.00 for the entire shipment. Please refer to our terms and conditions of service for further guidance.

For comprehensive protection, we recommend the purchase and completion of a separate transport insurance policy in accordance with your individual requirements.


Hanseatic Moving Services LLC has developed, in cooperation with our broker and underwriter, a comprehensive transit and storage protection program to manage the risks of international moves and transports. We offer, through our broker and underwriter, a variety of different insurance policies, which range from all-risk transport coverage to item specific marine coverage for artwork or antiques.

Given our excellent overall claims record, we are able to extend to our clientele competitive insurance premium rates, with added-on value coverage inclusions, such as extended claim filing times or storage insurance free times, which separate our policies from other to your advantage!

Please find enclosed further information in our “Transit Protection Program Guide”.