Hanseatic - Code of Ethics Files
Hanseatic Services - Ethic codes


We, the members and staff of Hanseatic Moving Services LLC, come together in our beliefs that dedicated, honest, efficient and quality assured services to our clientele are the core goals of our company. Providing moving, storage & transport services for household goods, vehicles, fine art and commercial goods we pledge ourselves to uphold and advance the following ideas and principles:

  • To consistently offer and deliver the most efficient and reliable moving, storage & transport services available, while obeying to a policy of truth, integrity, fairness and commitment in all business transactions.
  • To constantly seek advancement in all aspects of our operations and to commit ourselves to the combined effort of striving and achieving such advancement.
  • To be aware and considerate of our customer needs and to continually advocate progress, education, training and etiquette of our company, so that our clientele will be better served.
  • To always recognize and honor that our customers are the source of our business profits, which enable us to grow, invest, expand and secure employment. We are grateful to our customers for giving us business.
  • To maintain the highest concern for the health, welfare and safety of our employees, whilst appreciating their needs as both human beings and individuals.
  • To faithfully fulfill all obligations to our suppliers and service providers. To respect our competitors and not to criticize them, rather promoting and emphasizing on the strength and advantages of our company.
  • To protect the environment in accordance with the current laws and regulations and by being proactive in finding innovative recycling solutions for the materials used in our business performance.